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Thread: La Pavoni fell off of the kitchen counter - Steamarm now bent!

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    La Pavoni fell off of the kitchen counter - Steamarm now bent!

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    Hi all,

    So unfortunately the other night I knocked my Europicolla and it slipped over the edge of the kitchen counter, straight onto the tiled floor. It was dark but I believe there must have been impact between the steam knob and the tiles. As a result my steam arm is now bent and it's made a dent in the boiler. Some may say I'm crazy but I fired it up after checking that there wasn't any water leakage . So far I have managed to make three or four coffees on separate occasions and there is no steam escape from the top of the boiler. After reviewing old photos I have taken of the machine I believe it might have been previously bent slightly anyway, but I can see it's a little worse now.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is it far too risky to use? I have read online people recommending others not to use their similar machines due to the possibility of the boiler failing integrity.

    I've attached a couple of photos.

    I really hope I don't have to get rid of this machine - It was purchased second hand and has been great from day one.
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    Depending on where you are located there is a great service centre in Sydney at Euroespresso in Annadale that I used to send my La Pavoni to for servicing...they could help you out with advise.

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