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Thread: Rancilio Silvia shower-head bolt replacement ?

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    Rancilio Silvia shower-head bolt replacement ?

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    the shower-head bolt on my Silvia is leaving a deep imprint on the puck.
    Has anyone tried to replace it with a flat head (phillips counter-suck head?) shower-head bolt?

    verdict ? does it improve the espresso or not worth the effort ?

    also, assuming its worth-while - what size bolt is it (gauge, length, metric, empirial, etc) and where can i buy it?
    I am in Melbourne.
    I tried a couple of local hardware stores - no luck.


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    Yeh common mod. Not sure on size, check out the site sponsors for a flat top one

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    Hey mate,

    Don't know how much of a difference it has made but I've done the mod and haven't had any problems with it so far. I bought the screw from site sponsors Coffee Parts | Spare Parts and Accessories for Espresso Coffee Machines and Grinders

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    Any bolt shop will have one, I got two from my local, stainless 316 cheese head phillips, size and thread, take yours with you. Mind you it is necessary to chamfer the disperser, in a lathe to take the new screw. NOt hard any little engineering shop will do.

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