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Thread: Gaggia Titanium

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    Gaggia Titanium

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    When the steam knob is open and frothing is successful, sometimes the steam just stops and the display goes back to saying it is ready to start another coffee. When it is turned off and turned on again, it will work, until the next time it happens. Can anyone help?

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    Welcome along,I've had a few similar machines and some have displayed the same bad manners as yours,they go to sleep!!!!
    I've had to turn the machines off and on again to get them to operate,a real pest!
    What do you do? it currently under some sort of extended warranty,if so follow that up,good luck.
    If no warranty or guarantee etc,either check the manual for a possible firmware upgrade,or possible reset (unlikely).
    If all above is unsuccessful,a circuit board replacement is the (expensive)next step.
    Perhaps get a (obligation free) quote from your local repair place.

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