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Thread: Gaggia Steam Wand Assistance

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    Gaggia Steam Wand Assistance

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    Hello all,

    I just acquired a Gaggia Classic and the steam wand on it is less than acceptable, thus I will attempt the steam wand upgrade from a Rancilio V1/V2. However while searching for the required parts I have noticed that some of the parts comes with the modified Brass Fittings, while other omitt it. Has anyone done the mod able to inform if the brass fitting is required or not???


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    It's not required, but you'll probably have to file down the end of the insert of the steam wand. That's what I had to do. The brass fitting supplied with some of them is made to fit to avoid this issue.

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    Perhaps the ball-jointed wand from the Lelit range of machines would be a better fit...
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