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Thread: Bypass chutes in superautomatics?

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    Bypass chutes in superautomatics?

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    My office is stuck with the choice of a Nescafé powder dispensing machine or a Jura superautomatic. Unless I am in a mad rush, I bypass both of these and use a Porlex mini and an aero press. I've also experimented with a Minipresso with good results.
    Today I found out that the Jura has got a bypass chute for adding your own grinds. superautomatics usually grind pretty coarse in order to avoid clogging the machine, and I remember in the dim dark days when I used to use a Saeco superautomatic at home, my barista recommended I try a fine espresso grind in the bypass chute.

    I tried grinding some good beans as fine as my Porlex, setting it to 40ml and putting it in the chute. The result isn't bad! Definitely better than the standard catering beans and typical operation. Not quite espresso, but stronger than my aeropress.

    Has anyone else had any good results skipping the grinder on a superautomatic? I'm not sure this will become my go-to coffee as the aeropress is very easy and quick to use and clean, and doesn't bring the risk that I will break the superautomatic.

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    I had a superauto with bypass. The bypass definitely tastes better. At least you have better control of grind size and dosage. And when you want to try different beans often it's a lot easy to switch.

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