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Thread: Advice on a starter machine

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    Advice on a starter machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I came across this forum a few days ago when researching on purchasing a new coffee machine. Currently at home we use a Nespresso machine for a quick fix, but have realised that a serious upgrade is needed for a much better coffee. In reading many posts I understand that the most important purchase is the grinder. We are complete novice's when it comes to using a manual machine so would need something that is not too much of a stretch for a beginner. Ideally the budget for machine and grinder would be $800, but may be able to push it to $1000 if I can convince my other half it's a good investment. I would appreciate any advice or feedback on a good entry level combination. Thanks.

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    There is lots to be read and discovered from various threads on here in this section.

    Possibly as many opinions as there are posters!
    Perhaps that is not fair, but I would say do not be in a hurry.
    Read a lot and ask around, I have my own views, like so many others, some don't rate my set up much, others do.
    But that is the way it will be.

    EM6910 coffee machine, EM480 grinder, bottomless P/F and VST baskets.

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    Welcome "markey"...

    Actually mate, rather than looking at any of the appliance manufacturers' offerings, I'd recommend that you check out what's available from one of our Site Sponsors, such as JetBlack Espresso here...
    Second Hand Coffee Machines

    Some great buys to be had there from a very reputable specialist retailer, who may also be able to include a very decent grinder in a package deal for you too, within that $1,000 budget. With a few lessons on how to use the equipment, freshly roasted great coffee and some practice, you would be well on your way to making consistently excellent quality coffee at home. Worth considering...

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    Welcome to CS!!!!

    Another point to consider with the new purchase is this one. Will both of you share coffee duties? Quite often one partner is eager to have a machine. But their partner may not get help in operating it as well. Then, when family situations change, we have threads offering ,machines for sale because of lack of use.

    Try to have both of you included for coffee making... Very encouraging for upgraditis .

    Good Luck with this exciting task!
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