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Thread: Auto start Breville BES920 using external timer

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    Auto start Breville BES920 using external timer

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    I am aware the machine can turn itself on using a timer. This is great in the morning (when I remember to wake up in time).

    However I would also like to be able to turn on my BES920 when on my way home, using a remotely (Internet) activated power strip.

    As far as I can tell, when mains power is applied the machine remains in the OFF state.

    Is there a way to program it such that when mains power is applied the machine turns ON?

    Not particularly fussed if this causes the clock settings to be lost - this system will make the built-in timer redundant. However it would be interesting to see if other settings are maintained (I would expect them to be).

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    Not sure if there is a built in program but if you have a basic understanding of electric circuits it would be pretty simple to customise the power button.

    Warning, obviously power and water don't mix so do at own risk.

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    Warranty would most likely be voided if you modified the machine for that. And warranty seems to be very important with the amount of break downs you hear. (And I know they're subjective to the care and maintenance of the owner)

    Also because the bes920 has such a quick warm up, you probably wouldn't need to have it pre warmed for your arrival home.

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