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Thread: EM6910 - Sunbeam cafe series starts up as soon as it is plugged in

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    EM6910 - Sunbeam cafe series starts up as soon as it is plugged in

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    Hi snobbians. Ive searched all around the forum and cannot find an answer to this particular problem I am having.

    When I plug the machine into the power socket and turn it on, the machine starts 'humming' faintly like you have turned the steamer on. This is without the knob turned.

    The machine stills operates but the steamer is very slow, as if there is not enough pressure (im guessing as it seems to be steaming from the get go before the machine is ready?)

    I have opened up the machine and cant see anything wrong with the internals (not visually anyway).

    Can anybody offer some advice for me?


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    Not really, Ican't thinnk of the humming thing, but with weak steam, have you done a clean cycle on the steam side.
    Depends how many shots it has done, but he steam thermobloc can get blocked.

    My son's EM6910 just had weak steam, he put a vineagr solution through it and it came good.
    My unit, had blocked steam thermobloc when I got it (from my son mentioned above, it was his first unit, and he realced it with another one of the same)

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    Just a couple of questions to help with diagnosis -

    If you plug it in & turn it on with the steam tap on, does it pump out water from the steam wand?

    If it does, is it a continuous stream or pulsing, and is the water slightly warm ?

    What are the control panel lights doing?


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