Hey all,

So I acquired a Sunbeam em7000 today with a Breville Smart Grinder.

I brought it of friend, so it isn't brand new but I'm pretty happy with it. I've owed the em6910 in the past for a year or so, so the Sunbeam was pretty familiar to me. I got some fresh beans and pulled a few decent shots of it.

One thing that I noticed was the steaming speed seems to be slower then I remembered it being with the em6910. It has been awhile though since I used it, so I may have forgotten as I haven't used a home machine for some time.

My question is, is there a general consensus about programming the em7000? I recall with the em6910 everyone made the steam dryer etc. Also what about the group temperature? Are most people increasing it, or leaving it standard?

Thanks for your responses!