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Thread: Sunbeam 6910, after coffee extracted, pressure remains in group head when removed

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    Sunbeam 6910, after coffee extracted, pressure remains in group head when removed

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    First post. I inherited the sunbeam machine, it makes great coffee (mostly). After it makes the coffee and l turned the group head off, there is still pressure in the head. I've tried doing descale, flush, back flush but still the same. When l do the back flush by putting the plastic disc and tablet into double basket. But when l run the clean cycle, l would expect pressure to build and back wash into the drip tray at the bottom, but it doesn't.

    Not sure what to do.
    When l run the cycle you can hear pressure build up, but mostly it just dribbles some water through group head.

    Any clues, what does the three value look like so l can manually clean/replace it.


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    I had the same issue on one. Turned out to be a blockage in a copper tube. It was a bastard to clear due to s bends in the pipe preventing physical access to the blockage (it was baked in crud).

    After numerous hot soaks and compressed air I got it cleared.

    It could just be the three way valve but the small diameter of the tube and all the tight bends make it easy for stuff to collect if not regularly backflushed.


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    Are you getting any pressure reading on the gauge?
    If 'no' the blockage is likely to be in in the water path between the group head and the gauge take-off "T". If 'yes' it could be the '3way'.
    As artman says, it is a PITA to clear. Their are quite a few posts in this section with numerous photos if you search back. Sorry, but I can't give you a link atm.

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