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Thread: EM6910: Which is better, round or flat float model

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    EM6910: Which is better, round or flat float model

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    Hi guys.
    I got me two EM6910s. One is the round drop tray float model and he other is the flat drip tray float model. I know there is a thread somewhere here discussing the relative merits but I can't find it. (If anyone can send me the link discussing it I'd be most appreciative.)
    Id love some constructive opinions on which one to keep and which one to sell.
    The round is my first, love it, pulls a great shot with 20gm VST Filter, that runs into the black zone.
    The flat machine pulls a shot barely in the middle of the yellow zone with the same filter and coffee dosage. Side by side the round machine has a deeper darker crema. Also took 2 seconds longer, with both machines back to factory settings. The flat machine seems a lot quieter than the round machine. And the group head filter has less perforations.
    A quieter machine is desirable (at 5:15am I am loathe to use the round machine as it's so damn noisy on pre-infusion) but I won't sacrifice coffee quality for he sake of a few decibels.
    I'm leaning on keeping the round drip tray machine.

    I'm in your hands.


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    If you are able to cope with the odd repair, the round ones are older, have a lot more power when pulling a shot and are noisier. I mention repairs because the two I am most familiar with are both 2008 - they must break sometime...

    The square button one I know best is 2011 and it shares a lack of shot power with the 7000. Both of those need a better grinder to get a good cuppa - I use Mahlkonig Varios, and then they can make an equal coffee to the older 6910's BUT you have to tinker with them more to get the best out of the coffee.

    Enjoy your cuppa.


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    Why not keep them both - that way you have a spare on hand when one needs to be repaired.


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