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Thread: How to remove screw at the group head seal screen - em6910

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    How to remove screw at the group head seal screen - em6910

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    I also cannot remove the screw at the group head seal / screen. Looks to be stripped. I have tried using both a phillips head and a small flat head screw drive but no joy. Any thoughts or suggestions how to get the bugger off?

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    You will have to sacrifice the shower screens and probably group seal for this method but it usually works.

    With a flat head screwdriver, jam it under the shower screen where it meets the seal and pry downwards. The screen should start to bend down. Repeat on the other side of the screen.
    Get it to a point where you can grab both edges of the screen with a large set of pliers.

    Once you've got a firm hold with the pliers, twist anticlockwise. This should give you much more purchase on the screw and it should come free.

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    I have also heard of someone having success by first removing the water tray and then drilling a hole through the base directly in line with the screw. That way a decent sized p/h screwdriver can be used with some force to free the screw. Of course the machine would need to be inverted after first removing the water tank!

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