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Thread: BES900 what to do??

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    BES900 what to do??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All
    Long time member, bought a BES900 in 2011 based on a lot of the info I read on here do thanks!! She has been a loyal servant for 5.5 years!!

    Had it repaired under warranty to fix the common issues back in 2014, had warranty - extended with HN which was good back then, but now out of warranty by two years

    Was starting to play up a little recently e.g. steam wand dripping water, long delay on shots with no pre-infusion

    These issues do not happen every day and every shot but maybe 2-3 times a week and we are having around 20 shots a week on avg. (Best guess, forgot to look at shot clock before I sent it into shop) so we have over 6k shots.

    I back wash with a small amount of solution, clean water tank and replace filter every month, but have never truly descaled the internals of the machine other than when in service the first time and now. Sent it for a service and diagnosis last week

    Serviceman came back saying needs a new pump, o rings and a few other deteriorating parts. $360 was his quote.

    Now the machine is worth around $200-$300 per eBay and gumtree.

    The BES920 seems get able for around $800

    So comes decision time, do we repair and get 3 month warranty on parts but have a big question mark over how much life is left in the machine...Not sure what other parts could go next e.g. solenoid, three way valve, thermoblocks etc.

    Or do we look at alternatives e.g. BES920, sunbeam em7000. Can't justify anymore than $800-$900 on a machine and duel boiler is in the need to have bucket as on the weekend we always have people over where we make multiple coffees at a time and this will become more often as we are in process of building a bigger house so we can have the family over more (much easier with kids!!) ie Silvia and her cousin would not suit us in 6 mths time but would be good until then

    Thinking my upper limit of $900 less $200 sale price would be $700 out of pocket vs repair of $360 so additional out of pocket is roughly $340


    Any thoughts?

    Thinking I just have the machine serviced, o rings replaced and no other repairs - I suspect the pump is OK and the service person is looking for a few extra $$ to be honest as from what I described above, the delayed shot with no pre-infusion only happens once inside blue moon

    I can then wait until she dies completetely before buying something else? Only issue is I won't get the $200 sale price

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    For that type of money i would hunt around to buy a bes920 for around $800 and then add on a '5 year replace the whole unit if it fails warranty'. Hard to beat in that price range.

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    Where can you get the 5 year warranty? Through Breville or retailer (i.e. DJ)? THx!

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    My 900 was starting to become unreliable. It had already been in the shop twice in 12 months for the three way solenoid, and was starting to show signs of failure once more, among other things (low pressure) so i was in a similar situation. keep tipping money in to an old machine, or buy a new one.

    thankfully my situation coincided with xmas/boxing day sales and i was able to get a good deal on a 920 from HN. Given my poor experience with the 900, I opted for the extra 4 years replacement warranty from HN. That gives 6 years of cover. 2 years from Breville, and then 4 years with HN.

    The only downside is, the replacement deal works on dollar value, rather than machine (apparently), so because i bought it on sale, they will only offer replacement to that value. That is what i was told anyway. Hopefully I never have to find out if its true or not.

    Back to the decision, as soon as I made my first coffee with the 920, I was happy I went down that path. Breville are pretty good at listening to their customers and improving their products, so no more having to hold the handle while extracting, no more puck sticking to shower screen, just a couple of the little things that improve the experience.

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