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Thread: Looking for suggestions on machine shortlist... Lelit? Domobar?

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    Looking for suggestions on machine shortlist... Lelit? Domobar?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I'm making up a short list of coffee machines and grinders to go and visit before saving and buying a new machine. I currently use a plunger and have coffee ground for me at a specialty roaster coffee place nearby...

    Usage for our family:

    1 plunger coffee before the horrendous school run (Me - Very Important Start to the Day)

    1 "magic" coffee at the cafe (double ristretto plus a flat white? it wakes me up for the day ahead...!)

    ... would love to have a latte/cappacino after school and work for me.

    - hot water for hot chocolate for 2 kids after school. Plenty of milk froth!!
    - hot water for a cup of tea at night for significant other.

    ... plus another couple of lovely milky coffees for the weekend and of course house guests....


    Used a stove top espresso machine, with fresh coffee from the Queen Vic Market. Oh the days- fresh ground Kenyan/blue mountains/ colombian on a Saturday morning....! That ritual lasted well over 10 years...

    I bought a Saeco Via Venezia and the sunbeam spice grinder much scorned here about 6 years ago. It made nice cappuccino, the milk froth was always thin and it was just tedious. Very, very much enjoyed the experience of making a coffee, but it was a bit tedious and was always thin. (realise now I didn't set up the coffee grind to match the machine output...)

    The pump became totally gutless and was beyond tedious when making coffee for guests. The drip tray was a yucky, messy design. (a labour of love??) It got put away... and then gotten rid of ...

    Currently using a coffee plunger. No real joy in it, I'm afraid, and I really do miss that beautiful experience. Then again, that could just be the memories of the sleep in on the weekend, followed by a good coffee and reading a book!


    1. speed. Mornings are hectic and stressful. I will not fuss over the coffee machine. It must serve me well..!
    2. longevity. Looking for a machine I can expect to last 10-15 years with servicing.
    3. Shiny, pretty..... love chrome and stainless steel. Yes, I shine the chrome in my kitchen regularly...!
    4. Budget: $1400-$2500 total. Looking for the quality... If espresso machines are destined to die after a few years, would rather spend less...
    5. Small! Size is everything:-) I have a retro style kitchen:-)
    6. Noise. It's an open plan kitchen. Astonishing the way noise carries... Of course nothing compares to the horrendous noise the Vitamix makes, but some quiet in the mornings would be lovely...

    So far...

    I like the look of the Lelit Mara with the patterned, shiny handles (Phenolic? Bakelite?). Don't think the PID is worthwhile for me - another thing to go wrong?
    The Vibiemme Domobar Junior? A bit pricier, but looks like it might last...?
    The Lelit diana - not as gorgeous, but seems very functional. Is it a wallflower...? Destined to be functional, but never loved and appreciated?
    The Lelit Combi - deals nicely with the mess of the grinder...?


    The Lelit grinders look small and neat.. but are they noisy and messy?
    Would love a chrome/SS grinder that is small.

    ... any ideas much appreciated, thank you, Pip from Melbourne

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    Hi Pippa - see my advert for the Vibiemme Domobar package....Bruce.

    It's certainly been very reliable for 8 of the last nine years and a decent service (completed) will likely see it continue for many years to come. Rocky is ever reliable too. It's shiny and space wise very efficient.
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