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Thread: BOEMA D1S or Vibiemme Domobar

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    BOEMA D1S or Vibiemme Domobar

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    Hi all,

    First post, im looking at upgrading my old Spidem Delizia. I only drink black coffee so im not bothered about steaming ability.

    At the moment there is currently two machines for sale around my area. One is a Boema D1S and the other is Vibiemme Domobar single boiler. The Domobar is a 1998 model so from my research on here its before it was even called a Piccolo?

    Whats everyones opinion. Im happy to wait for any other reconmendations. They look both in good condition.

    I cant find much info about the Boema. Are they any good
    Is the Domobar getting too old now with parts hard to find?

    Thanks again and i love this site!!

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    BOEMA D1S or Vibiemme Domobar

    They are two totally different machines so it really depends what you want. The Boema will need to be plumbed in and will probably be twice as big as the VBM. There's no reason why a 20yr old VBM Domobar can't be a great machine still, it would just come down to how well it's been looked after. Current condition and service history is good to know for any machine you're considering anyway. I'd be viewing both and seeing them in use if possible. And pop the top off and have a look inside if you can. You really want the insides to look more like this -

    Than like this -

    Getting parts won't be a problem for either of them. Boema are based in Sydney and sell direct to the public. VBM are a big company and parts are readily available in Australia.

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