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Thread: Machine maintenance

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    Machine maintenance

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    Hey guys, I have a Breville bes870 which has been fantastic the last three years I have owned it but I am curious if there is any additional maintenance I should be performing on it or the inbuilt grinder besides general external cleaning and using the recommended breville cleaning tablets?

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    I am surprised one of the Breville owners has not commented. I would suggest giving your grinder a clean out. I have no knowledge of the grinder make up but if you can get into the grinder give it a good clean out - if you can't I would get hold of some Grindz or similar product and run some through the grinder. Beerwah should have reasonable soft water so you shouldn't need a descale. Do you filter your water?

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    My 3 year old bes870 died last week. The shot buttons had been rattling and getting worse for last 3 months. Clean me was coming on about every 10 days. I always have used the breville tablets, but only started vinegar flushes about 1 year ago. I have only changed filters yearly, not the recommended 6 a year. When it stopped dead I looked on the Internet and the general view was a faulty solenoid, a little under $200 for the part. With nothing to loose I used a scoop of Evo instead of tablet and ran clean me. The water rinsed out was very dirty. Amazingly its working again, only a slight rattle from shot buttons, same as 3 months ago.

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