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Thread: Lelit PL60 Pressure Dial - Confused!

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    Lelit PL60 Pressure Dial - Confused!

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    Hi guys. I bought a Lelit PL60 a few months back from Jet Black Espresso. I'm loving the machine, and so far I've been able to get some really great tasting espressos out of it.

    The dial on the machine, however, has had me confused for a while so I figured I'd come ask the experts. Here it is:

    What is the difference between PSI and bar? I'm aware that the PSI is the pressure reading, but from what I've read I should be aiming for '9' on the bar which...doesn't exist on this dial?! Sorry, this is probably a really silly question hah but I'm a newbie.

    If someone could explain to me what I should be aiming for that'd be awesome. Thanks

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    I don't know the specifics of this machine, but I'm guessing that gauge probably shows boiler pressure rather than grouphead pressure during extraction. If that's the case it should read somewhere between 1 and 1.5bar all the time once the machine has heated up.

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    Just to add to what Leroy has said, bar and psi are both units of pressure. They reflect the same measurement, only on a different scale.

    1 bar ~14.5 psi

    Much like Celcius/Fahrenheit, kilometres/miles and kilograms/pounds.

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    Correct, it is the steam boiler pressure. If you want the double manometer (one for the steam boiler and one for the brew group), you need the PL60T or the PL60PlusTR1.
    If you want to check the pressure of the brew group on yours, you need to:
    -Use a modified portafilter with a pressure gauge
    -Add a manometer connected inside the machine.

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