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Thread: Question for an owner of a Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

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    Question for an owner of a Nuova Simonelli Oscar II

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    I just bought an Oscar II with Grinter grinder for a family member.
    I've obviously been doing the reading. The buttons for single shot and double shot are programmable based I believe on time, not volume.

    The question is:
    If you press the shot button whilst it is extracting, does it cancel / end the shot?

    If so, assuming you only ever use the double basket, I would think you could simply program the single button appropriately for what is about right, and the double button can be set for about a minute. That way you press the double button, keep an eye on your shot, and end the extraction with another press, thus using it like a manual extraction timer. Sure you could do that anyway with the button programmed correctly - but only if you want to stop the shot early. If you need to go over time, you cannot - not without preinfuse and slight pause on beans that have already been extracted, for the sake of a few extra seconds on a shot in case the beans are a bit fine or oily etc.

    That's what I'm hoping anyway. Anyone?
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    Hi Tasadam
    your thinking is correct. The single and double shot buttons are programable for time, machine isn't volumetric. The Oscar 2 has a 3 second pre infusion is preset and can't be changed or turned off. No matter the basket size your aiming for similar time of shot generally speaking so set the two button to what suits you.
    i have one set for 6 seconds (use to flush inbetween shot) and the other for 45 seconds. The button programed for 45 rarely runs to the whole time as I weigh my shots and time just in case but took the best advice I've been given in that let taste guide the result / changes if needed. If it taste good nothing such as time, weight ect matters just sit back and enjoy the coffee.

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    Similar to Martin I have the single button set for about 5 seconds to do a between shot flush or backflush. The other button is set for the longer extraction time. And the press of the button again can stop the shot when you wish.

    One thing I've wondered about is that the pre-infusion time on my machine has always been quite long out of the box. The pre-infusion has always been about 10-12 seconds.

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