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Thread: 2002 Gaggia Classic - Splurting

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    2002 Gaggia Classic - Splurting

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    I have a Gaggia Classic made in 2002 that has recently been splurting quite a lot. It spits coffee grinds when I try to poor a coffee. I have tried both a double basket and a single 7g basket and both seem to have the same issue. I'm using a Eureka home grinder and tamping relatively firmly. I'm grinding at about 4.5 on the Eureka.
    I have just replaced the rubber ring and descaled the machine, cleaned all baskets and portafilter. I regularly descale the machine and had a full service about 1.5 years ago from a store in Melbourne (Thornbury).
    I'm relatively in-experienced, but happy to look into how I can fix this issue... Is the machine simply getting old?

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    Try putting the rubber ring aka group gasket the other way around.

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    Gaggia Classics never get old! You really can't break them easily.
    Check that the group seal is in correctly. Writing and rounded edge goes in, with the flat angled edge outside.
    Check that the basket doesn't have dings on the rim.
    Ensure you are not overfilling the basket. A standard Classic double basket can hold 16 to 17 grams max depending on beans and roast.
    If none of this works, drop it around to me in Elwood on the weekend and I'll check it for free.
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