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Thread: Two new Sunbeam EM7000s making the same clicking noise

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    Question Two new Sunbeam EM7000s making the same clicking noise

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    Hi guys, hoping to get some insight into what may be happening. The other day we purchased a new Sunbeam EM7000 and found it was making an odd 'clicking' noise every ~8 seconds for as long as the machine remains turned on. I tried putting water through the machine and the sound didn't go away, so today we went back to where we purchased it and had it replaced with another EM7000. Sure enough, plug it in, and the replacement machine is making exactly the same noise.

    So now this is either normal for this machine, or we've got two duds, or we're doing something wrong, though the sound starts pretty much as soon as the machine is turned on so hard to believe that either.

    I've recorded a short vid of the sound to give a better idea:

    Any ideas are appreciated, as I figure our only other choice is to return it again and just go with a different machine.

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    Haven't seen the vid but isn't it just the thermoblock heater clicking on?

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    Hi, this is normal for the EM7000. I can't tell you what the sound is exactly but it diminishes as the machine heats up.
    My guess is that it's a bimetallic switch for the thermoblocks.. but like I said, just a guess..
    Hope you enjoy the machine!

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    Can confirm that this frequent low volume "ping" is perfectly normal.


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    Mine doesn't do it apart from once at startup - it is a 2014.

    I suspect you need to bleed the air out of the hot water tap - by running it briefly, followed by the steam wand and then about 1/2 a single shot. Turn the 7000 off, wait a couple of minutes and then turn it on again.

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    That's just the relays for the thermoblocks clicking on and off. Some machines are louder than others but they all do it.

    Nothing you can do about it.
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