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Thread: Sunbeam EM6910 spontaneously turning off

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    Sunbeam EM6910 spontaneously turning off

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    Good Morning Coffee Snobs,

    I am seeking any advice on the above machine.

    About 6 weeks ago this trusty old beast started turning itself off while running the single shot cycle.
    No changes had occurred to the machine prior to this starting.

    The machine is primarily used in the morning and it was noted that it turned itself off mostly on cold days. Once it had turned itself off, pushing the power button would immediately start the machine again and the single shot cycle could be activated immediately.

    My husband reports that on at least one occasion the machine turned off while he was expanding milk but this is has not happened to me.

    Anyone experienced this with their machine?
    Anyone have any thoughts re: the issue and better yet, the fix?

    Thanks in advance

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    No, not experienced that.
    Only issues have been a blocked steam thermobloc, (was like it when i bought it), water level magnet needed replacing, and blown thermal fuse.
    Sounds like a faulty sensor or small component on the "ecu board".

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    Sounds like a control board thing. Many appliances have similar issues when they get old - some parts get rusty, some parts get loose. If time allows, see if you can leave it warned up for a bit longer before making coffee.

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