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Thread: Sunbeam em6910 vs pu6910 vs em7000

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    Sunbeam em6910 vs pu6910 vs em7000

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    I need a new machine my em6910 is dying slowly..

    I have been looking ...

    Which one would you go for ?

    I have a bur grinder already..

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    Isn't the PU6910 just an EM6910 + a grinder? It used to come with the EM0480 but nowadays it is the EM0440 bundled together. If you want to make it cheaper, probably just buy the PU6910 and sell the EM0440?

    I was actually in a similar situation a couple of months ago. During my research, I found that while the EM7000 has some nice improvements over the EM6910, I didn't consider it as an upgrade, and could not justify the price difference. Also, I wanted to try a boiler type machine. At the end, I made a big jump and upgraded to a Bezzera BZ10.

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    Dying slowly, can it be fixed, or do you want a new machine.
    My EM 6910 has pulled in excess of 10,000 shots, one new steam thermobloc, new water level magnet, two thermal fuses.
    Very good I reckon, total cost of about $250.00, including the $100.00 I paid for it when I got it with the blocked steam thermobloc.

    Some say the earlier 6910s are a better build than the later machines.

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