Hello fello CS friends.

It is with much sadness that my beloved Breville 800ES machine has moved onto Coffee heaven after two years of use. I was gifted the machine more than seven years ago and it was collecting dust while I was swayed (via herd mentality) that Nespresso coffee was quality, I have been playing with the machine and have enjoyed manually adjusting grind and dose for much better espresso.

With aspirations of setting up a coffee van in the next 12-24 months time, I was considering the thought of buying a commercial machine and practicing at home. I currently have a BCG820 Smart grinder which seems to be doing a decent job thus far but the Aeropress use in the interim has been painful and have yet to extract anything close to the espresso's on the Breville.

Option 1: Buy a BES920 when they are on sale and sub ~$600 (do these use the 51mm filters ? As I have been recently playing with the single wall filters)
Option 2: Buy a used commercial machine ~ Budget at most $1500 (Money drained on 3 year old and 5 week old) - hence the need for quality coffee!!

Would really appreciate any thoughts from the community.