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Thread: Lelit PL60 vs PL60T: How important are PIDs in dual boiler machines?

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    Lelit PL60 vs PL60T: How important are PIDs in dual boiler machines?

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    With my budget (around $1.5k) and a machine in mind that heats up fairly quickly, I'm bouncing around between the Lelit PL60/PL60T dual boiler and the new PL91 (Victoria) single boiler, which has all sorts of user friendly add ons (water level control, boiler auto-fill).

    As I won't be the only one using the machine, how complicated are those machines to handle if you worked as barista on a comercial machine before?
    Do you have to do flushes and temp surfing on the PL60 without PID, or do they work differently to machines like the Silvia, which there are enormous amounts of info about.Than

    Thanks for your input!

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    My understanding is that if you are mainly an espresso drinker then the PID is worth it as it helps dial in the the espresso shot as you can play with brew temperature etc with more accuracy.

    If you mainly drink milk based drinks then the PID is not as important as you can still get a solid espresso shot as the base for your latte, cappuccino etc.
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    If you're not opting for a PID Controller for a Dual Boiler machine, what would you use? A P/stat?

    Not many around that don't use 'em (PID Controllers). And in my opinion, they are definitely worth having for single/dual boiler machines as the level of consistency that is then obtainable is significant and detectable in Lattes as well...

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