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Thread: Sunbeam EM7100 - Can I backflush?

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    Sunbeam EM7100 - Can I backflush?

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    Hi all,

    I am finally getting the gang of my Sunbeam Em7100 and bought a 58mm blind filter

    Before I go and use it, can I double check that it's safe to backflush this machine?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to actually do it? Haven't back flushed a coffee machine before...

    Cheers all

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    I wouldn’t use a blind filter on it. The (plastic) cleaning disc they provide has a tiny hole in it and I personally don’t think the machine is meant to be backflushed in the normal way. I am not an EM7100 owner though — perhaps someone else could help.

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    Sunbeam EM7100 - Can I backflush?

    Yes it can be backflushed, but it doesn’t have an OPV so you shouldn’t use a completely blind filter metal filter. It would probably be ok, but it’s a bit risky. I either use the supplied Sunbeam one or one of the little black rubber inserts as these will lift up and let water through if the pressure gets too high. Do all of this with a vessel under the group head as demonstrated on the instructional video.
    The other option if you’re doing a chemical backflush you can use the dual wall single cup filter basket. You can use backflush powder to make a little paste in the filter and it works quite well.
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    And a followup question.
    i note that sometimes my grey backflush disc seals too well, and nothing comes through the P/F.
    When this happens I see a drip or 3 of liquid comes out underneath the machine in the middle at the rear.
    What is happening here, I imagine this should not happen, and that the pressure should build up a bit to rinse the showerhead filters, then let go through the P/F.

    oops!, thought this can't be right, and checked to find the backfush disc had some coffee grounds stuck in the hole.
    Thought the pressure would push anything like that out, but obviously not!

    The more I learn, the less I know I know.

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    How did you go with the backflush?

    Have you had any problems since? When I performed the cleaning cycle the pressure gauge hasn't working properly since when doing a grind coffee. Capsules seem to be okay.

    See my post here-


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