Hi all, just thought I'd share a minor discovery I made when looking for more information on my Auber PID (*without* preinfusion) on my Silvia. I was curious about timing my shots, and knew that the preinfusion version of the PID has a timer display, and also that it's possible to set timing-related options on the non-preinfusion version of the PID, which suggests that it might just be a software setting separating the two versions. That is indeed the case, as I found in a post here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/archive/i...p/t-22080.html

The long and short of it is - in menu 0037 the 'tA' option is a switch for the preinfusion functionality, so if you change this to 1, the timer will become operational. Of course, it won't actually *do* anything unless the PID is wired up for it. The timing settings in menu 0001 are then 'tp' (preinfusion time), 'td' (delay time), 'tb' (brew time). So to conveniently monitor the timing for my shots relative to a 30s reference, I set tp=0, td=0, tb=30. When pulling a shot, I then press the 'start' button on the PID (the second one from the left) as I flip the brew pump switch. Functionally it's exactly the same as before, but it's convenient to have the timer right there for reference.