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    Do the 3 way relief valves between a S20 2 group rancilio and a Silvia V2 interchange cause I have both machines sitting here.

    If the valves get dirty or gunky is there a way to clean them and service them for the price of O rings vs a whole part as one may be blocked and one IS leaking.

    I'm having a bit of trouble with going to head to Sylvia cleaned I might have had another machine gunked, also question about water quality
    In Perth Cannington area for water quality do I just get a c 150 or do I find some rain water or premium spring water as there is one or two very particular suppliers in Perth. Aunty who had a cafe in Esperance, used ro water, that probably isn't quite an option just yet
    Thanks guys in advance

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    I have no idea if the valves will be interchangeable, but you may be able to work it out for yourself. A quick inspection of the valves will tell you if they’re the same brand and model as there will be a label on the coil. Even if they’re not identical they might still be interchangeable if they’re the same size with the same fittings so check them out and measure them up.
    Can’t help you with your Perth specific questions sorry but I do know that most of WA is notorious for hard water that kills coffee machines so good water filtration is a must.

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