After many years of faultless performance the heating element in the brew boiler of my Expobar Minore expired. As our electrical board was rather basic it sparked on the earth line at the outside of the house actually as it shorted. Electrical board has been upgraded and I replaced the brew boiler heating element. All good but.... now my steam boiler doesn't heat up ??? Yep tested the element and that is measuring the same resistance as the new one and the small red safety switches on top of the boiler are both down.

In the normal process when you switch on the Expobar it starts by heating the steam boiler and when that reaches it set pressure point the little light in the corner of the PID will indicate that the brew boiler starts heating. Now the moment I switch it on the little light in the corner of the PID goes on and it starts heating the brew boiler. No pressure build up at all in the steam boiler.

I'm suspicious if something has shorted when the brew heating element died or has something else failed?

Cheers, Ernie

PS - starting to appreciate a long black