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Thread: Sunbeam EM7000 machine pressure problem?

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    SOLVED: Sunbeam EM7000 machine pressure problem?

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    EDIT: SOLVED!!! I thought why not try the single basket, and all of sudden the machine was back to normal. What the, this is good news!? So found my double basket has a hairline crack around top, you can see it highlight in the attached photo. Phew, at least this is easy to solve.


    I have an EM7000 that is just over 4 years old. My problem recently is a watery and super weak shot, regardless of how super fine on the grind. The water seems to fly out pretty fast too, the shot takes 7-8 seconds. And I cant choke the machine with a fine grind either, I just get almost clear water. The pressure gauge struggles to even get into the gray zone, normally a perfect shot would be on the gauge border of orange/red. The puck afterwards is super hard and doesn't come out of the portafilter easily at all.

    It makes the usual click and dump of water after the end of the shot into the overflow tray, but during the shot there is nothing flowing into the tray.

    Beans are fresh and I haven't changed my known good grinder setting.

    I've removed and cleaned the screens, run a number (4-5) cleaning disc + tablet cycles today, and the pressure gauge either doesn't move at all, or moves at most 2mm. I have to be honest I don't normally pay a lot of attention when I run the cleaning cycle, but I'd swear now there is a lot more water coming out of the spout than going into the overflow tray, but maybe I'm imaging it.

    It first started when I ran a cleaning cycle a few weeks back, but not every time. This week its been every time and driving me crazy. Any tips on what to try or what part I need to buy to fix it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Weird fault. nice easy fix though!

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