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Thread: La Pavoni professional lever-no basket groove/spring on group handle.

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    La Pavoni professional lever-no basket groove/spring on group handle.

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    Dear Users,
    Beaut to use although Iím puzzled as to why no basket holder spring in group handle,is my lever exceptional or have other owners though the same thing?
    I intend removing my group hand grip ,using my metal lathe to machine a suitable sized groove to accommodate a correctly sized s/s spring,from one of my odd spare handles.
    Are you owners ever wondered about this as well or am I being unnecessary?
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    I have a new LP ELH (51mm) and it does have the spring holder. Pretty stiff too but thankfully with my naked handle I don't need to remove the basket at all.

    If yours does not have one, I would leave it. I think its unnecessary - unless you're having problems?

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    I had planned the same mod to mine when I had it Mick. @applor, the problem is when you pull the handle out, sometimes the basket full of hot grounds comes flying out of the handle as you go to knock out the puck. My low tech solution was to remember to put my thumb on the edge of the basket on the way to the knock box, fortunately a lifetime in the kitchen has given me asbestos hands

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    Yours is not unusual, the older levers didn't have the retaining grove and spring in the group handle.

    The newer ones do.

    It is nice to have as it stops your basket going into the knock box (or bin, which has been done)

    Magnafunks low cost solution seems pretty practical!



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