G'day Everyone,

I was recently given a Faema Family and after doing some research on here, I've realised it is quite an awesome machine.

I've done a teardown to see how the inside is and it is looking pretty good! I just had a couple of questions:

1. It seems to have a spare bit of piping that was just floating around inside the machine. Is that meant to be connected somewhere or is that for air? (the one on the very left of the photo)
2. Does anyone know if I can buy new plastic pipes for it? This one just seems a little old and gross.
3. Do I need to "fill the boiler"? The machine seems to make a very loud noise when trying to push water through for coffee - but perhaps it was pumping dry and I didn't wait long enough for it to fill up?

I've posted some photos I took to show the plastic piping that I'm talking about in question 1 and 2.