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Thread: Silvia Hot Water Issue (switch fault?)

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    Silvia Hot Water Issue (switch fault?)

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    Hi all, I’ve PID’d my Silvia about 3 months ago based on the guide prepared by Warren S (posted on CSnobs) and have been enjoying my coffee more since. I haven’t used the hot water from the steam wand since (may be once or twice) and when trying to use it this morning, I realised it wasn’t functioning:
    - when switching on the ‘hot water switch’’, the pump didn’t run at all & the indicator light on the switch didn’t come on
    - there’s no issue with brewing
    - also no issue with steaming & no blockage on steam wand
    - when switching on both the brew and hot water switches, the indicator light of the hot water switch came on. Pump was running fine
    - PID controller is working fine

    Opened up the top cover and checked all cables and connections to be in good conditions. 3-way valve works fine during brewing.

    Pump is good and it seems the hot water switch is a likely suspect?

    Appreciate advice on the above - possible causes and checks.

    Many thanks !

    ps. Searched on the web but couldn’t find report on a similar fault yet.

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    Quick update to close this post:

    Checked continuity on the switch/switches and confirmed no fault on switches. Disconnected and reconnected terminals on the switch and issue was resolved - no problem dispensing hot water from the steam wand. I could only suspect some loose connection at the switch terminals to be resulting in the fault. Silvia is now back to full functions

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