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Thread: Buying a broken Silvia - good or bad idea?

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    Buying a broken Silvia - good or bad idea?

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    I'm planning to move in to a house with a bigger kitchen in May so am planning to graduate from Moka pot to the world of 'real' espresso.

    I've come across a used v3 Silvia that won't heat (they say suspected blown heating element) for $200 including an EM0480.

    Would it be a crazy idea to buy it? I'm not afraid to tear it down and it looks like the machines are well built and fairly repairable.
    From what I've read, it could be as simple as needing a reset (surely I'm not that lucky)
    Possibly needs a thermostat replacement..
    or may be up for a full boiler replacement (~$180-200 kit from Jetblack).

    Is there anything else I should look out for? Or should I just run and find myself something else?

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    Go for it.
    Id pop the cover and run a ohm meter over the element. And maybe plug it into a rcd to see if it pops the rcd.

    If it passes those tests you might be ok.
    If not, you have a roughy as to what you are up against cost wise.
    Can always pid it to bypass the heating controller if that is the issue. Or ssr it if its the heating relay popped.

    Not much to them if you are logical and handy.

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    If is the V3 you may need the hole boiler only the heating element Rancilio Silvia V4 Heating Element - Di Bartoli Coffee, if you are going to do it your self you should clean the group head and replace the group head seal Rancilio Silvia Group Head Seal - Di Bartoli Coffee, and and if you have the machine in parts rebuild the steam valve Rancilio Silvia O-ring Steam Seal Set of 2 - Di Bartoli Coffee Rancilio Silvia O-ring Steam Seal 1 - Di Bartoli Coffee. Now if you need other parts just check this Spare Parts - Espresso Machine Parts - Rancilio Machines Parts - Di Bartoli Coffee

    If you need a hand happy to guide you over the phone

    Di Bartoli
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    Thanks for the guidance guys - I think I'll go for it.. sounds like an opportunity and a bit of fun along the way.
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    The Silvia is a great machine - parts are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.
    Great workhorse machine.

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