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Thread: Breville - Am i making the right decision?

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    Breville - Am i making the right decision?

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    Hi All,

    Iím in the market for a new, or should I say my first real coffee machine (currently using pods). Iím looking for something that isnít fully automatic but still easy enough for my wife to use, as sheís not very interested in learning something complex (one touch coffee maker!).

    From the research Iíve done I am tossing up between the Breville Oracle and the Breville Oracle Touch. Iíd love some feedback regarding build quality as Iíve read some reviews suggesting they are built badly and a lot of people are having issues with them, and ultimately if the Oracle Touch is worth the extra cash.

    Iím also open to other brands out there that will offer a similar ease of use at the same price range.

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    It's not so much the build quality of Breville. While the decorative trim is a little thinner, Breville's don't seem to have any more failures of major system parts than any other machines. It's just that you need to be a little more resourceful in finding the parts to do your routine maintenance. All machines, even the best ones money can buy are going to need new gaskets and seals every couple of years, just like Breville. If you are not inclined to do this work yourself, you will have to pay somebody, again no matter what machine you buy. The good news is, the things that need common fixing on the Brevilles are right at the top when you remove the top cover... No digging to reach parts that need common fixing.

    Just a little opinion on the side here: the coffee making part of the Breville is worthy of the best grinder you can afford, and that is probably not the one built into the Oracle. If it were my money, I'd buy the regular Dual Boiler, and put the extra money into the best grinder I could afford.

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    You could consider the Lelit Kate. It has a built in conical burr grinder with timer so pretty easy to use but built with a long service life in mind (ie lots of metal, easily sourced parts and no planned obsolescence).


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    Hi Sam,

    I'm in a very similar position and have also been looking at the Oracle, I'd like something else more manual but my wifes not keen. She'd like a full auto, but i think my pod machine tastes just as good! Anyway be interested to hear what you ended up choosing.


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