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Thread: New Silvia V5 on the way - need advice on add-ons

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    New Silvia V5 on the way - need advice on add-ons

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    Hi Snobs,

    So after my EM4820 died recently, I decided it was time to upgrade to a Silvia. I have a V5 model M on the way and I was hoping to get some advice on what to add/replace to get the best out of Silvia without spending a fortune.

    Sorry to post another thread - I've had a search but couldn't find a recent thread with what I was after. Mostly, being somewhat new to decent home espresso machines, I'm not always clear on which parts will fit which machine.

    Flat screw for shower screen - is this important? Is the protruding screw not approximating the 5c test? Or is the issue that it protrudes too much? If it is important, any advice on sourcing a screw that will fit neatly? (Does the screen itself need to be replaced to accommodate a replacement flat screw?

    Group head seal - I've seen some talk about replacing the rubber seal with a silicone one. Is this worthwhile? Which seals do you recommend?

    Gronk/thermocouple - can anyone point me towards the cheapest/simplest way to monitor the temperate in my Silvia? Is there a step-by-step guide on this process somewhere?

    Basket(s) - any thoughts on the best replacement baskets for Silvia? Any site sponsors people would recommend?

    Naked PF - is it worth it? Just a cool gimmick? Which one?

    Thanks in advance all.

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    Having just upgraded from a Silvia the only thing I would recommend is a PID and aftermarket basket. I had a La Marzocco basket in mine.

    Everything else you've mentioned (flat screw, group seal etc) is just chasing the rabbit down the hole.

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    Hi MattAttack

    Having had a V3 before I can honestly say the PID did make a huge difference and worth the extra expense.

    I changed the screw to a Countersunk M6 thread (I use them at work) but as long as you don't try to overfill the basket the standard screw should be fine.

    The Silvia is a great machine but not as forgiving as the Rocket Giotto I have now as you do need to get that grind right. I gave my son the Silvia when I upgraded and he didn't look after it. The machine stopped working so he bought a Rocket Giotto and he gave me the Silvia back. The problem was a blocked solenoid but also the frame not being treated or stainless had rusted pretty bad so I fixed it up and sold it. The funny thing is after not using it for a few years the first shot I pulled to make an espresso for the buyer was a god-shot proving what a great machine it is even after 8 years.

    Don't get hung up with how it could be better its stood the test of time so by all means add the PID have a nice tamper and learn from it.

    Good Luck


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