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Thread: La Forza Espresso Machine any one heard or used one?

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    La Forza Espresso Machine any one heard or used one?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone I am Bardy, new member, coffee lover and home roaster(manual over gas and open fire) I use a Saeco poemia unpressurised, a great reliable machine! I am looking to upgrade, since im going to europe thought Id buy a machine while im over there. I have been looking at this la forza machine.

    These machines are made in Italy Brass boiler, and solid construction but no videos or information on them other than on eBay, sellers feedback looks legit.

    Anyone come across one or thoughts on these...

    Much Love!

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    Hi and welcome.
    La Forzia equipment isn't sold directly in Australia (assuming that's where you live now) so it's unlikely that anyone on this forum can provide feedback.
    However, if you are thinking of buying in Europe and bringing to Australia, I would advise against it as you will probably have no warranty or after sales support if something goes wrong. Also, if the machine costs over AUD1000, you may be slugged with import duty.

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