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Thread: Sunbeam anti-calc “compatible” filters for em6910 em7000

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    Sunbeam anti-calc “compatible” filters for em6910 em7000

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    Hi all
    I have seen some sunbeam em6910 “compatible” anti-calc filters on some water filter sites (& ebay), does anyone have experience with these?

    Genuine filters seem to be $30 and the compatible ones around $17.


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    A further question, how do you know when the filter needs replacing? Every 12 months?

    I have filtered water I use at home, so may be not as frequently as those using tap water?

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    The instruction book (p9) recommends 12 mths for domestic use & 3 mths for commercial???!!

    I have been using the same one for years and just give it a soak in salt water whenever I descale & backflush the machine. I also use good quality rainwater and regularly do a vinegar flush - never had any problems .

    Also, it would pay to check what processes your water filter does - some just remove solids with a fine filter, others remove odours & chlorine using an activated carbon stage and a third stage is also sometimes used which involves an ion exchange resin like the one in the sunbeam filter to remove calcium & magnesium ions which cause much of the scale.


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