I performed a descale and ended up with a dead steam wand with the three dreaded beeps.

Located in Brisbane I am taking it into Mr Sparky Electrical Repair, over the phone the first thing the lovely lady told me, did you unscrew the steam boiler screw quickly?

What you need to do is unscrew the steam boiler drain screw very very slowly like over 5 minutes, just slowly crack open the drain valve and keep a super slow flow rate. I say slower the better better safe than sorry, otherwise if you just unscrew it it will drain the steam boiler too quickly and due to the high temperature of the steam boiler it will blow the thermal fuse.

Live and learn, I thought I would share this info as I hope it might save a few people from making the same mistake when following the instructions by Breville, that is following their instructions. It's not a job the technicians like either the thermal fuse is located in the worse possible position.