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Thread: Carimali Uno e water backflow problem

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    Carimali Uno e water backflow problem

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    I am restoring this uno and was testing it last night by drawing water from a jug, (rotary pump).
    It heat up fine, drew shots as it should, nice steam...but then I noticed the pump was kicking in a lot more than it should. No leaks, then I noticed the water would drain back into the jug,, pump would kick in to fill the boiler again, the water would then drain back to the jug and the process would start over.
    It is obviously bleeding back through the pump, but is there a one way valve in the intake fitting?
    My deductive skills say either the pump should not allow backflow or the intake valve should not allow backflow.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    You need to install a one way valve in the line running from the jug to the machine.

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    I thought of that, wondered if it would be that easy.
    I have used a jug on other rotary pump machines and never had that problem...home Depot here I come.thanks

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    A .... water diode? :P

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