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Thread: texturing milk with Lelit combi + PID

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    Question texturing milk with Lelit combi + PID

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    Does anyone have any tricks for texturing milk in a Lelit Combi + PID? I recently bought one to use at home. My office has a professional barista-quality machine which I use pretty well. I can nail the milk on the pro machine so I'm not an absolutely beginner but I'm having trouble with getting enough texture on the Lelit. I have tried turning the knob fully open but so far I have consistently produced 'thin' milk.

    Any advice welcome!

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    You may need to spend a bit more time stretching the milk at the start. Thin milk usually means not enough air introduced.

    Semi-pro/pro machines have powerful steam which means everything happens much quicker and you can get more air into the milk in a shorter period of time.

    Try getting that "ch-ch-ch" sound running a bit longer at the start.

    You may also need to play around with the best position for the steam wand - what may work well for your pro work machine may not work the same for your home machine.

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    Had the same result myself, with my Lelit pl41...
    The solution was to dance the wand tip in and out of the milk briefly at the start, to generate some big bubbles, then bury and angle the tip to move that entrapped air through the milk as you stretch it..

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