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Thread: Breville BES870 Steam Problem

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    Breville BES870 Steam Problem

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    We have one of these machines and it has developed a periodic (every few weeks) problem with the steam.

    Periodically, when we go to steam the milk, we find that steam is also coming out of the grouphead aperture, at about roughly the same pressure as it is coming out of the wand.

    We have cleaned the machine thoroughly, but it has kept occurring. It does not seem to make any difference if we have the grouphead handle and basket in or not.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem before? If so, is there a fix we can apply? Many thanks!

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    Flakes of scale accumulate on the seat in the solenoid plunger causing it not to seal thus allowing steam to escape through the group head.

    An aggressive descale should clear it out. It can happen again (as you have been noticing) which is an inidcator or a larger scale build up in the thermocoil.

    You'll either have to just keep descaling it and hope you clear all the scale out or have the thermocoil replaced and make sure you routinely change the in tank water filter or use good quality filtered water or rainwater.
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    antipodean you’re lucky you’re getting steam. I regularly have to wait up to 10 minutes to get any steam. Lights on, up to temp. Yet another thorough clean yesterday, still no luck today. Wasting lots of water and power for no result.

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