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Thread: Breville Bes870 cleaning question

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    Smile Breville Bes870 cleaning question

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    Does anyone know whether the water filter should be removed before a vinegar clean or not? My practice has been to remove it but don't know whether this is right or wrong.

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    I would as you don't want vinegar taste or smell in your coffee

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    I usually do the vinegar descale right before I change the filter, I have run out of filters before and it took about 1-2 tanks of flushing to get the smell from the machine and I couldn't taste it after.

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    Vinegar is not the best agent for descaling espresso machines. It stinks, doesn't do a good job and it's bad for seals. You're much better buying a proprietary descaler, if you want to do it on the cheap, citric acid is a much better option than vinegar.

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