After my earlier post help me choose a new machine
i bought a la pavoni professional from melbourne.
The machine arrived after 14 days and a heap of calls and messages from me most of which went unanswered.
The machine finally arrived and it leaked badly, so bad that i drove up to euroespresso in annandale rather than ship it back to the origional supplier in melbourne (stuff the warranty im done with that guy)

Now the good news.
Saturday morning busy shop and here i am with a macchine not even purchased from them.
They fixed it replaced broken sight glass put in new seals AND tested it AND gave me a lesson on pulling shots on this lever machine.

So my thanks to marcella from euroespresso he isnt a site sponsor but he probably should be, he is an expert and he is a decent bloke to help me out and i was more than happy to pay for the service.

The guy who shipped out the machine probably should of checked it perhaps he did.
but i will give him the benefit of the doubt as one good turn deserves another .