So what i think of a la pavoni after a few days ownership.
Firstly its not that hard to make great coffee.
Secondly you tube and others have taken this machine to mythical levels of complexity.
Thirdly when i watched someone who knew what they were doing it was obvious that grind tamp pour is just that, nothing zen like.
But the coffee is everything, fresh and ground tamped and poured good coffee in... good coffee out.
No doubt my coffee shot isnt world class but its as good maybe better than what i made with my silvia already.
Sometimes i had to dump a shot with the silvia but not often ,usually because beans were no good or machine wasnt ready.
Probably i will have to dump a shot with the la pavoin now and then,as long as i can figure out why its all ok.
So if anyone is thinking of getting one of these i would say get into it, its interesting and not that difficult if you have a hands on lesson as i did.
But if youre gonna be making coffee for 5 or 6 people at a time this isnt the machine to do it.
Get the basics right then fine tune forever,