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Thread: Rancilio Silvia Tripping Fuse

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    Rancilio Silvia Tripping Fuse

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    Hoping someone might have some ideas on what is happening to my Silvia which is tripping the fuse box every time it is turrned on.

    Some background: Unfortunately I somehow managed to leave it on, complete with a portafilter full of old coffee, for approximately 4 days whilst I was away. As soon as I realised I turned the machine off. This morning (1 day later) I turned it on I immediately noticed that the power light looked dimmer than usual. I tried to run through some water using the brew switch and the pump was making a slightly strange noise and turned the brew switch off. Realising the portafilter was full of coffee I tried to pull it out. It almost seemed as if the seal on the grouphead started to come off. After pushing the seal back, I tried to run some water through a second time. At this point the fuse box in my house tripped. Now the Rancilio trips the fuse box as soon as it is turned on.

    Any ideas on what I have managed to do to my poor Silvia?

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    fairly static
    Fried it.

    The circuit breaker is breaking because you are doing your best to electrocute yourself, most likely.

    Whatever is wrong with the machine requires a professional repairer. Please do not connect it to power until it has returned from them. It may be a water leak causing the tripping rather than fried electrics, but that is for someone who knows what it is about to find out, not for you to continue to take risks as you have done.
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    At a guess - single boiler left on without the boiler being full, the heating element may have developed a crack.
    When you switch on the pump this fills the boiler, enters through crack in element and causes a short.
    As far as I know elements can't easily be repaired, will need replacement.
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    From previous experience, if the boiler is left on and not full then chances are the element has burnt out as saeco has indicated.

    Checking continuity across the element connections will confirm this if you are mechanically minded else take it to a repair shop.

    A replacement boiler and element are easily available (check out site sponsors) and not at all difficult to replace. If the machine is a V1/2 then chances are you will have to get the full relacement kit including the new steam pipe connection.

    The advantage of the new boilers are that the element alone is replaceable, not the whole boiler and element as per version 1 and 2.

    Have replaced a number of these . fun stuff . if you need any help just ask .

    Hope that helps ...
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