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Thread: NEED ADVICE what to buy - Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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    NEED ADVICE what to buy - Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am moving from a nespresso to a fully automatic machine as an all in one.

    Everything needs to be in the one machine though due to space constraints.


    Built in grinder, milk system, easy to maintain.

    Budget $1000

    Please help me

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    Why are you moving to a fully automatic machine specifically?

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    DeLonghi ECAM23.460.S

    Nothing else will be under 1k with a milk frothing system onboard.

    This machine has been in production for a long time now, under several older model numbers, and is well proven.
    If you put good beans into it you will be able to make a fairly decent coffee.

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    Ok, thanks, If I go to a budget of $1250 to $1500 what should I look at?

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    I recently sold my Expobar Office Control and Macap M4D to purchase a fully auto - a Delonghi Eletta Cappucino.

    I've got two young kids under 2, both who don't sleep very well at the moment, and I take care of them in the mornings while getting ready for work, giving the wife a much needed rest before she battles them during the day. Although a regrettable move, I had to sell my gear and find something more convenient, as I was beginning to resent the fact my coffee ritual was being interrupted.

    The two coffees I must make every morning are mine - a double shot latte - and the wife's - a single shot latte with oat milk as she needs to be dairy free while feeding our youngest, and oat milk is all her tastebuds will cope with. I usually pop and espresso cup under the spout to catch her other half and I consume that. I've been able to replicate this routine minus the fiddling so I'm very happy.

    The brew unit on the Delonghis is identical across the ECAM range and can be easily replaced for $50, or serviced annually with a $15 kit and 30 minutes of your time. The costs aren't as bad as people make out, and like anything withy coffee in it you just need to follow the regular maintenance instructions. Will it last you 10, 20 years? Probably not as it's not made of steel/s.

    But it heats up in under 30 seconds, brews coffee unassisted, and the output - once you dial in and tinker with the water settings - is very good.

    I still use home roasted beans and love the quality of the shots. I have no intentions of going back at this stage as the shot quality isn't a big enough gap to warrant the time I'd need to invest.

    The reason I went the Eletta - and this is important to note - is that I value the steaming wand. I can get latte art milk from it. It's not quite as good as the powerful Expobar wand, but the taste and texture are just as good as anything prepped at a good café. I can also vary the water temp and this has been very handy to brew different roasts. It makes a noticeable difference per bean and happens quickly (one shot to the next) thanks to the thermoblock.

    Be wary that 'fully auto' isn't auto at all if you want the best output. It's still very convenient, though.

    The technique is auto as the machine brews for you, but bean selection, grinder tuning to suit the bean, and frothing your milk with the wand are all human actions needed to get the best out of these machines - otherwise that's when you end up with muddy water coffees.

    Of course - those mornings that you just need a cuppa, it's one press if you want it - and it's still better than the rubbish that nearly every café tends to serve for $4, as you can use your own beans and avoid the 'light roasted' Melbourne stuff.

    Good luck - hope you enjoy your purchase.

    Coffee Machine.jpgLatte.jpg
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    I can't give anymore info than the great post of ElShano above as I've never had a manual machine before, only a cheap pod machine. I recently got a Primadonna Elite (model up from the Elatta range), and it does make a good coffee. Of course can't change all the settings like a manual, but doesn't do too bad a job

    Have a look on the Delonghi website for the factory 2nd's, which are a good saving. I got the Primadonna Elite (ECAM65055MS) about 1 month ago for $899, normal RRP$2499, typically in the shops $1999 new. The factory 2nd's come with 1 year warranty, not the standard 2 years, but good saving on price, also typically out-of-stock, but you may get lucky and snag one (I did ).

    Making a large Expresso

    PrimadonnaElite (1).JPG PrimadonnaElite (2).JPG

    Making a Flat White

    PrimadonnaElite (3).JPG PrimadonnaElite (4).JPG

    PS Sorry Javaphile, didn't realise my link wasn't allowed, I'll try and remember in the future
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