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Thread: Silvia - no water through grouphead but normal through wand

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    Silvia - no water through grouphead but normal through wand

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    2006 Silvia without brass ring adapter.
    Pump working as normal for water through steam wand.
    Pump sounds normal for grouphead but no water comes out or very little water.
    Cleaned screen and water spreader and hole that delivers water to grouphead appears unblocked.
    Reassembled and same result, nothing or couple of drips only from grouphead but normal operation through wand.
    Some water comes out the bottom into tray via the drain thing.

    Not sure where to go next other than a professional repairer but would appreciate any thoughts on possible things to try at home first.


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    There will most likely be a blockage in the three way solenoid below the group head.
    Removing the two screws that affix the metal cover on the front of the machine under the group gives access.

    Ensure the machine is cold and unplugged.
    You will need to remove the drain tube from the solenoid, if present, and then solenoid coil. You can then remove the 4 hex head bolts that attach the solenoid to the group.

    You may see the blockage in one of the solenoid ports.
    I would recommend removing the solenoid body, it unscrews from the brass base, and soaking the lot in descaler.

    Once reassembled, verify that you now have flow from the group.
    You should run a few descales through the machine as the boiler may need a good cleaning. It's difficult to say how bad the scale is unless you disassemble the boiler to check inside.
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    Thank you very much, that was indeed the issue. The middle port was completely blocked.
    The only slight difference to the instructions above is that there's only 2 small bolts attaching solenoid to group, which are allen key head.
    I did soak the solenoid in descaler and run descaler through the machine. Will repeat this once I've got some more descaler.

    I have since read that back flushing with coffee machine cleaner and a blank basket is a good idea.


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