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Thread: EM6910 issues

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    EM6910 issues

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    Hi everyone, long time lurker!

    Picked up a secondhand EM6910 (red) for a good price off gumtree. took it home and was disappointed. it was filthy, has a split head seal (ordered a new one), corroded/rusty group head under the shower cap (im working on this), but worst of all the steam isnt very good.

    i have descaled & backflushed it multiple times, steam has not improved. taken the steam wand off, pushed wire up there with no luck. Steam does come out, and it pulses in strength. it goes weak, to medium-weak every few seconds and never stays at a consistent strength.

    the water from the hot water & group head seems to drip fine & get correct temperature.

    Here is some pics of some internals i snapped of the inside (will take it apart completely tomorrow but for now got in the side kinda). steam pump? looks very corroded, same with the pipe just above it. also ill include a pic of the group head after i have slightly cleaned it, if i could get some tips on how to improve it that would be great thank you.

    Seems there is a lot of love around here for the classic EM6910, appreciate it!

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    Hey there. From the photos it doesn’t look too bad inside apart from the steam pump. You should definitely replace that pump and any associated seals, and give that area a good clean up at the same time. That should solve your steam issues I reckon.

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