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Thread: Breville BES860 backfiring when steaming

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    Breville BES860 backfiring when steaming

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    Hi all,

    I've got a trusty old Breville BES860 which has been serving us faithfully for many years now. However, recently it's started making a 'backfiring' kind of a noise when running the steaming wand. It's kind of like a popping noise in between the pump's normal pulses. It _seems_ to also be making steaming the milk take longer, but I don't have any objective data. Any ideas what this might be? Is this something that's feasible to fix oneself (I'm somewhat handy with fixing things), or if not, how much would it cost to fix at a service centre? Or is it time to get a new machine?

    Thanks for any thoughts

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    Hi ask victor,

    I have just been through a similar problem, same machine.
    I gave the machine a thorough clean and steam wand started working properly again.
    Which is what I usually do first before I start pulling things apart.

    However, after a few days My better half notice water coming out of the sides of the machine.
    I pull the back off the machine and there was condensation everywhere.
    I ran the machine with the covers off and noticed leaking from the valve assembly when running steam.
    Could not find a location that has spares, might be o-rings.

    I think maybe the build up was holding things together.��

    After 10years of faithful service, I have decided to upgrade instead of fixing it.
    I have seen a lot of bes860/870 for sale on eBay that are leaking.


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