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Thread: Sunbeam 6910 consistency between pours

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    Sunbeam 6910 consistency between pours

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    I've recently acquired a sunbeam 6910. After a month or so l managed to get consistent shots and everything was going swell.

    However.... In the last week this interesting issue popped up.

    I pour one coffee and it goes well. The second using the exact same method jams the machine to the point where the coffee is barely dribbling out.. other attempts will do the same. My current workaround is to then dramatically increase the grind size and tamp a lot lighter. Not ideal.

    Any ideas why? I've cleaned the shower head and washer. No change. Next I'll be running one of the cleaning tablets through to see if that makes a difference.


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    G'day Gerard

    I have 3 6910s (one from 2010) and it is all too common for a second hand 6910 to need a 100% "strip and clean".

    If you haven't already (unclear from your post), use a no2 Philips head screwdriver and remove the two showerscreens. Don't be fooled if it looks clean by eye - check it with a jeweller's loupe or microscope. Even magnifying glasses sometimes miss the sludge as the upper screen (as you look at the machine) has tapered holes and makes a brilliant coffee trap. That upper screen often needs a "chemical assist" to clean it thoroughly - simply scrubbing will not do it. FWIW, I use CLR (full strength) as a "soaker", or meths or Toluene (in a well ventilated space where no kids are nearby) as a first stage. I tend to rotate them as they seem to attack different sticky sludges. These days I also use an ultrasonic "jewellery cleaner" (with full strength dish-washing detergent or CLR, not the other two!) which makes it faster.

    I suggest you then do the full cleaning cycle using the white vinegar option. It seems to me that it is clogging up somewhere in the coffee path and losing pressure after the first shot. It is also worth your while to check some other 6910 posts - noidle22 is a full time repairman for SB machines (among others) and would have forgotten more than I will ever know about them.

    Also, while you are at it, use the same solution to clean out the steam wand - unlike some tablets, I have never heard of a problem cleaning the wand with white vinegar (been doing it to all machines since 1970). I have encountered (quite) a few 6910s with badly blocked wands.

    Enjoy your (second - hopefully) cuppa.


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